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Eating sustainable fish if not just about the species, it is also about the fishing method. 

Each year in America an estimated one to two billion pounds of fish is thrown overboard dead or dying due to mainstream commercial fishing practices using nets and dredges. This is called bycatch, or more accurately, bykill. For every pound of seafood that makes it to a dinner place, so many pounds are wasted. We want to do better. 

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Our seafood is caught only by line, trap, spear or hand. No nets. No bykill. 

We want our customers to love what they're eating and feel good about eating it. We are dedicated to transparency and traceability and encourage questions about our seafood sources and choices. We are proud to announce that we now have commercial fishing licenses and will be sourcing much of our own seafood in 2024 as well as continuing to work with local fishermen. 


The owner of Minnow grew up eating fried Peconic bay scallops right here at the old Galley Ho. 

She spent her summers in and on the bay - fishing, clamming, crabbing, and swimming until dark. Not much has changed. She is an avid fisher and waterwoman, passionate about marine conservation. Her other passion has always been food. A Sicilian-American household provided a rich culinary background to which she added explorations abroad and experimentations at home. Cooking for her family and friends, drinking good wine, creating and reimagining the dishes of her childhood and travels - this is how Minnow was created. 

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(631) 734-8474


650 1st St, New Suffolk, NY 11956

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